We encourage children to be proud of their achievements, whether from within or out of school. This includes academic excellence, sporting, music or other skill achievements and a recognition of valued qualities displayed such as kindness, respect , courage and determination. Each Friday we celebrate achievement in our “Well Done” worship, inviting families to share this important experience with us. Members of our wider community can also nominate a child or group of children for special recognition, including children nominating each other. Our Golden Leaf Trees are a wonderful testament to this!

The school has three Houses, Peregrines, Buzzards and Kestrels and each week the children at both sites keenly anticipate the House which has won the most House Points! Please see our Positive Behaviour Policy for more information about the different Award systems across the school.



Governors’ Award

Laurence Peaty (Yr R)

Annabel Bailey (Yr 1)

Jemima Boxall (Y r2)

Hannah Sellwood (Yr 3)

Connie Trewin (Y r4)

Jack Witt (Yr 5)

Marianna Ash (Yr 6)

The Arnett Award for Science and Technology

Isabella Watt (Yr 2)

Summer Courtney (Yr 6)

Western Downland Music Cup

Jessica Henderson (Yr 6)

Damerham Garage Shield for Sport

Team captains of the football and netball/skittleball teams: Lloyd Richardson, Freya Patton, Hugo Whitehorn & Sophie Horswell

Citizens Award

Neve Brophy (Yr 2)

Olivia Broadbridge (Yr 6)

Western Downland Expressive Arts Cup

Anaya Raven (Yr 6)

Western Downland Lead Learner Award

Anna Wright & Dylan Hansen

Technical Specialist Award

Abi Hooper & Daniel Roberts