yEAR 3 - MISS SAVAGE               YEAR 4 - MR gilbert               YEAR 5 - mrs guymer             YEAR 6 - mrs miller


Children move from the Damerham to Rockbourne site at the end of Year 2. Teachers work in partnership to ensure that this transition is managed sensitively.

We provide an exciting and stimulating curriculum that enables pupils to learn in a variety of ways. Learning is enriched through the use of educational visits, expert visitors and engaging resources. Children will be encouraged to develop their knowledge in a wide range of subjects but will also be given opportunities to extend their learning skills through investigation, enquiry and creative thinking. The core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science remain at the heart of children’s learning. Often in these subjects, pupils will be taught in ability groups so that they may be extended or supported. Throughout their learning, children’s progress is recognised and celebrated.

Transition to Secondary School
At the beginning of Year 6, pupils and parents will be asked to decide on which school they wish to attend in the following year. As a school, we work hard to ensure that pupils move from their primary to secondary school smoothly. Most of our children move onto The Burgate School in Fordingbridge. Some children choose to take the eleven plus examination and may proceed onto The Bishop’s School for boys or South Wilts Grammar School for girls which are both located in Salisbury.