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junior choir at the royal albert Hall
We performed “Our World”, a series of pieces dedicated to the issue of polluting our seas. Here are some reflections from two of the performers:

You step off the coach and are swamped by the petrol fumes. You have arrived in London, the capital of England. Before you, the great figure of Albert- Queen Victoria`s husband- sits high on a throne, his imposing figure immortalised in gold. You turn, and there it is: the Royal Albert Hall. The heavy sandstone is riddled with carvings and swirls. You are bustled into a foyer where open doors welcome you into a richly carpeted corridor. Your stomach somersaults in anticipation as you catch a glimpse of the auditorium through a door, which seems to be gaping in wonder.  You walk up a flight of ornate stairs and your fingers tingle with the thought of the thousands of people who have walked there before. You reach the top step and gasp. Bright lighting bathes your face in a warm glow, accompanied by a gentle rhythm from the orchestra. Welcome to the Royal Albert Hall, one of the greatest music halls in the world.                                                                       By Harriet Henderson, year 6                                                  
As you climb up the stairs, the lights dampen and you hear the sound of hushed murmuring. You gasp in awe as you take your seat. The dancers take their place and the sound of music fills the air. You have arrived in the Royal Albert Hall.         
By Lillia Miller, year 6