Pastoral care

During the school day it is the aim of our staff to act “in place of parents” by ensuring the safety and welfare of each child and by providing a happy and well-ordered environment within which learning can take place. We encourage a “caring and respectful” attitude, an awareness of the needs and feelings of others and the development of self-discipline and self- confidence. Each class teacher ensures they know each child within their class well. There is also on each site, a designated Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) who offers additional support where needed.

Times of the school day

Infant site
9:00am-12:05pm and 1:05pm - 3:15pm
Break times: 10:45pm-11:00pm

Junior Site
8:55am-12:20pm and 1:20pm-3:30pm
Break times: 10:15am-10:30am

School staff are on duty to supervise the children 15 minutes before the start and at the end of the school day. At the beginning of each day, children are able to go straight into their class rooms for “Early Bird” task

School security

To ensure the safety of our children, parents/carers visiting the school are asked to first report to reception and sign in. All visitors on the school site are required to wear a school visitor badge. We welcome parent helpers and our regular helpers have a DBS, which can be carried out free through the school.


Should your child be unwell, we ask parents/carers to contact the school office before 9:00am on the first day of absence. To ensure the child’s well-being, theschool operates a first day contact policy whereby if the reason for the child’s absence is unknown, the school will endeavour to contact home before 9.30am.

Apart from illness, dental or medical appointments, or compassionate/ exceptional circumstances, absences are not authorised as we know this has a negative impact on children’s learning and progress. Any request for absence for exceptional circumstances needs to be made in writing to the Headteacher. Attendance is monitored regularly with outside agencies and by Governors.

Emergency school closure

The school may have to close at unexpected times for example due to adverse weather conditions or if essential services are cut off. The school aims to give parents as much notice as possible through our School Website and local radio stations. If parents are in doubt over a school closure day and cannot contact the school, they should call Hampshire County Council Tel 01962 841841 or check the HCC or our own school website.

Home contact details

Each September the school will re-issue your contact details for checking and return. In the interest of safety it is very important that we hold current telephone numbers and addresses.

After school and lunchtime clubs

As a School we value the importance of being able to offer a range of after school activities to enrich the children’s experience. A variety of sporting, music and creative clubs are offered throughout the year.


Free transport is provided by the Local Authority for children living within the school’s Designated Area but more than a certain distance from school (two miles for Years R - 3 and three miles for Years 4-6). We offer an option for other children to use the bus if there are any free spaces on the bus for a nominal fee of £1 per journey (or free if going between sites.) Please contact the office if you require more information or help with this.


Parking is very restricted. We rely on parents to take a responsible attitude to ensure the safety of all children. We actively encourage parents and children to make the most of our beautiful countryside and to use local footpaths located around both our school sites. Parking is available at the village hall in Damerham. Where cars have to be used at the Damerham site, we encourage the use of a one way system, coming into school via Steel’s Lane and exiting along Church Lane. The school is located in a residential area and we ask for considerate parking so that road access, particularly for emergency vehicles, is not impeded.

School Meals

The school has its own kitchen which provides healthy and appetising hot school meals for both sites. Further information can be found by contacting the Admin. Officer at either site. Alternatively children can bring to school a healthy packed lunch. Please note that nuts in any form are not allowed because of the risk to children who have a severe allergy.

Your school lunches are provided by award-winning caterers HC3S who want children to understand about healthy lifestyles and take this positive message into adulthood. That’s why they’ve created their ‘Ready Steady Cook’ sessions which are fun and engaging and why they introduced the ‘Food to Flourish Classroom’ to help teachers educate children using food  in a way that cuts across the curriculum.

Where opportunity arises, they bring live cooking and workshops to the classroom and sometimes, out of the classroom, through partnerships with suppliers and other local food organisations. Schools can join in HC3S celebrations for Nutrition and Hydration Week, British Food Fortnight, and National School Meals Week as key events in the food and drink calendar which are lots of fun. Want to know more about HC3S? Click on this web link. https://www.hants.gov.uk/educationandlearning/hc3s/primaryschools

Break Time Snacks

As a healthy school we encourage children to bring in healthy snacks for their break times. At the infant site we provide free fruit for the afternoon and at the junior site we offer healthy home made snacks and drinks which can be purchased from our school kitchen. We do not allow sweets or crisps for the morning snack. We are a nut free school.

Complaints Procedure for Parents

We strive to have a positive professional working relationship with our parents. If a parent feels there is a concern with any aspect of their child's education or their life in school, we aim to respond to all concerns and complaints in an open and consistent manner. Most concerns are resolved quickly through informal discussion with class teachers at the earliest stage. However, if you feel your issue is still not resolved, then the School’s Complaints Policy should be followed.